Dog Health Tips

How can you help your dog be more healthier ? 


Dogs are just like human, subjected to diets that are unhealthy and over-processed everyday. Constant exposure to environmental pollution and poor nutrition can lead to some of health concerns.



Dogs have different nutritional requirements; factors that affect absorption of nutrients from food include:

      • Age
      • Activity level
      • Environment
      • Genetics
      • Breed

Although you can provide your dog a solid foundation with a good balanced diet; however, food alone is not enough to fulfill their unique requirements. Therefore, a good dietary supplement is beneficial in helping your dog maintain good health.

PetHealth Dog Multi-Vitamin Formula


          • Promotes healthy skin & coat
          • Promotes normal growth and repair of body tissues
          • Promotes strong bones & teeth
          • Provides antioxidant support
          • Provides protection from damaging free radicals
          • Supports the immune system
          • Promotes digestive health
          • Helps support vision and eye health
          • Promotes strong bones
          • Promotes normal energy levels
          • Supports the nervous system
          • Supports healthy muscle function


OPC Formula with Glucosamine for Dogs

 Get OPC Formula to Boost Your Dog’s Energy

          • Supports healthy platelet activity
          • Combats free radicals
          • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
          • Helps maintain healthy circulation
          • Helps maintain joint flexibility
          • Helps promote cardiovascular health
          • Helps support visual health/visual acuity
          • Potent free radical scavenger
          • Supports healthy blood vessel dilation
          • Promotes healthy nitric oxide levels
          • Supports healthy blood glucose levels

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